List of items needed for the Thespian Club:

*Paper towels and Wet Wipes

*Swiffer Mops and Swiffers


*Dust Pan

*Garbage Bags

*Masking Tape

*Gorilla Tape

Stationary and Card Stock

Assorted Size Storage Tubs with Lids

*Safety Pins

*Disposable plates, utensils, cups, napkins, etc.

Electric Tea Kettle

Case of Water

Costume Needs


Laundry Baskets

*Garment Bags

Party Dresses

*Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

(Spring Play 1960s)



*Costume Jewelry (clip on earrings, bracelets,necklaces, broaches, rings, pocket watches)

Stain Remover


The SHS Thespians appreciate the support of staff, students and the community. Find a list of supplies needed for this year's performances. 

SHS Thespian Club

Meet Mrs. Duck-Shroeder and Mr. Robert Hoover