Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs.

As a way to help foster civic responsibility, Arkansas Act 648 allows students to earn one credit towards graduation after completing 75 hours of approved community service learning over their high school career. Pursuant to ACT 237 of 2023, all students, beginning with the Class of 2027, are required to complete a minimum of 75 hours of documented community service prior to graduation. ACT 237 does not place a minimum community service hour requirement per grade level or a limit on the number of hours a student can earn towards the 75 hours in a year. For example, a student that earns 30 hours in ninth grade and 45 hours their sophomore year will have completed the required 75 hours prior to graduation.

Community Service Guidelines Students can choose where they volunteer their time. Hours must be verified by the organization for which a student volunteers. Parents/guardians will be responsible for making sure the organization is safe and a good fit for their student.

Students can begin submitting their hours to the school today. Students should complete the Community Service Learning Form and return it to their Advisory teacher or counselor Angie Sherman. Students are encouraged to keep track of their hours in a spreadsheet or in paper form as well.

What counts as community service? Volunteer (unpaid) work for a school, church, non-profit organization, charity, or individual. Court-ordered community service does not count.

How can students find out about community service opportunities? Students are encouraged to join SHS service organizations, such as Interact, Key Club, or Leo Club and participate in opportunities to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are shared each day via email through the school bulletin and other announcements. Students may also contact the following people or organizations for volunteer opportunities:

SHS Principal Pam Dean (

Stuttgart Animal Shelter (870-659-0498, 1700 E. 2nd St.)

Pass On Joy - Joy Mail (Misti Coker, 870-830-0528)

Jennifer "Pooh" White, First Methodist Church

ICCM Food Bank of Stuttgart (120 W. 7th St.)

Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce (870-673-1602)